1.Does Gideon have a social media page?

"I do not use social media at all, on a personal basis or for my music. It’s a great communication tool and if people use it and enjoy it, that’s great.  Big ups to the people who use it in a positive manner. It’s just not my style. I focus not on social media but on my own website. If you want to keep up with me follow me on my site. It’s just as easy to find and read my site everyday as it is to check your social media page, so anyone can check in here. People that dig my music can find my site in a few seconds and get down with my news, check out positive quotes, my writing, my history, my personal blog. Periodically I have featured guests where I interview artists and various cool people from all walks of life. If you'd like to contact me you can send a message through the contact form which will be forwarded my way. I respond to pretty much everyone who approaches me with the same kindness, respect and courtesy that I show others. Although I am not a social media person at all, you can easily keep up with me here if you would like. Thank you."

2.Is there any merchandise for sale?

"No. At this time we do not have any merch for sale at all. Unless we make more one day (shirts, stickers etc) there is nothing like that. We have not had any shirts in many years and all of the give away free promo band shirts/stickers are long gone. If you would like to buy physical copies of the albums on CD please direct your interest to Small Stone Records website, Thank you."

3.Does Gideon tour or play live shows?

"No. These days I have been focusing on my health, spending time with people who enrich my life and not performing live. I have been writing new material and record new songs when I can. There will be new albums in the future and I have several side projects going too. I hope to return to the stage one day but for now, no I do not play shows but still write, record and create music."

4.Where can I get a copy of any of Gideon's books?

"You can find used books out there but I do not encourage anyone to pay high prices for the books from the past. The old books are long out of print and will not be reprinted. I have new books on the way and when they are released we will post any news. Thank you for your interest."



Small Stone Recordings

GS Tribute Album

Cemetery Crows

C.Crows Gideon's side project doom metal, sludge, gothic blues band. You can check out a few songs from the early demo on the reverbnation page. Doom On.