Featured Guest is the area of my website where I interview artists, musicians, photographers and various cool individuals  I have crossed paths with over the years. Today we had the pleasure of having a very interesting discussion with great musician Aaron Wall. Joined by his friend George Trujillo on drums, Wall is the singer/guitarist of the popular Texas based group Red Beard Wall. Aaron is a very down to earth, intelligent and soulful, genuine guy. I have truly appreciated the good Aaron sends my way. All Hail Mr.Wall as today we did an interview about his life, music and personal history.

1.Hey Aaron how are you doing man? It's good to speak with you today.

AARON: Greetings Gideon. I'm doing wonderfully. I really appreciate you having me. Its an honor to be with you.

2.Glad to hear you're doing well man. No problem and thanks to you bro. You sing and play guitar in the two piece group Red Beard Wall with drummer George Trujillo. Very cool man. How did you guys come together?

AARON: Pretty cool story actually...Red Beard Wall was originally a solo project. I had recorded an demo back in early 2015. Right around that time I saw a demo contest on heavy music website I respect. I thought the demo was pretty good so I said what the hell, and entered. George happened to also be a fan of said website and came across the demo. He looked me up and realized we live 45 minutes from each other, so he got in touch with me and volunteered his services, if I ever needed a drummer. At that point I was working on what turned out to be Red Beard Wall’s debut record. Long story short after the record got picked up by Argonauta I asked him if he was still down to jam. He was, and we clicked. It’s been great.


3.Thats great man. Two piece line ups like that are rare in the heavy music world, its always very cool. What brought you to decide to form a two member band?

AARON: It wasn’t necessarily planned that way. The record was done and I started getting the itch again to play live. Being originally a solo project I thought if I found a drummer we could pull it off. I would not be described as a social butterfly and a lot of the time, more people=more complications. Less personalities, the more streamlined the communication. Above all that, i was happy with the live sound as a two piece so I just left it at that.

4.Yeah for sure, yes that totally makes sense. You guys have a release out on Argonauta Records, can you tell us a little about it?

AARON: Yes sir. Our debut record came out May 12. Over the course of 2016 I wrote, performed all instruments/vocals, recorded, and mixed the record in my living room. Dan at Mammoth Sound mastered the record. I put my heart and soul into it and humbly, thought the songs were really damn good, so I decided to send two of the songs out to small handful of labels I admire and respect. Within a few days Gero, big boss at Argonauta emailed me asking to hear the whole album. I had a contract offer rather quickly after that. Been a dream come true,and working with Argonauta, one of the premier rising record labels in the world has been amazing.

5.Awesome bro, I look forward to hearing it. Did you grow up in Texas? Tell us about your background.

AARON: I did, I’m Texas born and bred. I grew up in a hardcore southern baptist family in small town USA. I stuck out like a sore thumb my whole childhood and I still do. At a young age I realized and comprehended that religious indoctrination was not for me. I've just forged my own path. Tried to gain as much knowledge as I can, continue to grow, and be the best person I can possibly be.

Yes okay many people would understand for sure.

AARON: Regardless of how I was treated or wanted to be treated. I've overcome a lot to get to where I am. Honestly though, I owe so much to my wife. When I met her 4 years ago, everything became golden and has been that way ever since. I feel, and am, extremely lucky.

6.Hey man that's amazing, a beautiful thing. What inspired you to play guitar and sing in a band?

AARON: Music has been my life basically from the time I was born. There has never been any point, that it hasn’t been in the forefront of my mind. Its an infatuation in the purest form. Playing it, listening to it, watching it, and learning about it. Its my heart, my soul, my mind, my life. Its all I need.

7.For real man, many people who just live for music seem born to be part of it, create it or simply to enjoy listening to it. It seems like they came into the world a musical soul. Were there any groups, albums or concerts in particular that inspired you over the years?

AARON: There are way to many to list but, the ones that specifically come to mind are the first time I heard, and then saw Pantera in the early 90’s. Changed my life immensely. Put me on the course ive been on my entire life.

Yeah for real man I saw them in Cleveland at the Agora in 1992 and man it was great. They were on top of their game.

AARON: After quite a few years I was kind of in a musical rut then came Mastodon. I discovered themin 2000 and was lucky enough to see them in the beginning at a little hole in the wall bar in Ft. Worth, TX. Those are two of biggest instances of transcendence musically for me. Although there are many many others as well.

8.Of course, that's great. What have been some of the stand out performances you have played personally?

AARON: I know its cliché but I love all of them. More specifically, the most recent performances. Red Beard Wallis starting to hit on all cylinders. It’s a fantastic thing. On stage is the only time in life where everythingdisappears. It all disappears and I am left with the purest most beautiful thoughts and feelings. Its love.

9.Very cool and well said man, getting in that zone is really magical to any musician to has the understanding. What is the music scene like in your area?

AARON:The local scene in my area is somewhat stagnant at the moment, although there are a core group of really good bands that are busting ass to make something happen and give credence to the scene, which is awesome. We’re doing all we can to raise the bar musically and inject something new and exciting.

10.For sure, yes okay. Any favorite books?

AARON: That’s another list too long to compile. I’m just all about gaining knowledge. I love learning about humans. The mind especially, but where we came from, how we’ve evolved, etc. I’m completely fascinated by the human condition and all that entails. I love history of all kinds. US history, world history, war history. I'm into it all. My guilty pleasure is westerns. I really enjoy Louis L’Amour and have since I was young. Can’t go wrong with Cowboys and Indians.

11. Man I haven't heard anyone name Louis L'amour in a long time, that's a good one. Yeah man I love good western stories. As for historical study yeah I can relate. I'm a big ancient history buff and always reading. Lots of studies of Asian and Native American culture my whole life for sure. Any favorite films?

AARON:Many, although I’m way behind on newer stuff. Im a huge Tarantino guy, so Pulp Fiction and Django are way up there on my list. A lot of Scorsese and Ritchie as well. I really dig the old 80’s comedies like National Lampoon’s Vacation etc. Basically all I watch now are documentaries or stand up comedy. I definitely need to find more time for movies.

12.Yeah man I love some of the Tarantino films for sure. Pulp Fiction is such a classic. Scorsese, great yeah. Yeah man I am always taking in documentaries on subjects of interests, just like reading and absorbing. I find you can study life stories of people of all kinds and learn from them with biographies and with documentaries on subjects you are interested in, really both are sources of all kinds of wisdom if they are well made and you watch them with the right perspective. Sometimes for learning but other times just for entertainment. What life skill do you feel every person should have?

AARON: Self awareness/responsibility, kindness, compassion, and some common sense. Period.

13.Yeah that's for real. What are some of your great gifts in life and how you feel they define you?

AARON: The greatest gifts I've ever received are the love of my wife and children. My FDDF family, and music. These things have in turn given me strength, motivation, confidence, unconditional love and support. I owe everything good that I am to these few things. My appreciation runs deeper than words could ever explain.

14. Of course and that's beautiful. Happy for your family man. Yeah those doom metal friends are cool people too. If you did not play music, what other forms of creativity appeal to you?

AARON: I dabble in writing. Lyrics obviously, as well album reviews for Taste Nation LLC. It would definitely be something in the writing arena. I’m a huge fan of words and especially word play. I would more than likely be doing something in the area of communicating thoughts, and emotions.

15.Okay yeah. If you were to meet a younger artist would advice would you give someone just starting out?

AARON: Don’t compromise your art or your dreams for anyone. Many people will criticize and throw negativity. Ignore it. Stay focused, work hard, treat people with kindness and never waver from your convictions.

16.Definitely man. How would you describe yourself in the past, see yourself now in the present and hope to be in the future years to come?

AARON: In the simplest terms...in the past I was lost, in the present I am found, and the future is all about continuing my current path, never straying, staying diligent and aware in that progressive process. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and musically.

17.Do you feel your music brings you a catharsis, a release, a creative outlet? What does music do for your life when you listen to it but also when you make it?

AARON: I most definitely know for a fact that music brings me catharsis. It is my therapy. I find a ton of comfort and joy in listening and discovering. Creating and playing music is my nirvana. It is my comfort and my peace. It is the one thing that moves me, every single time without fail.

18.Most musicians would probably say the same. I think it's good to recognize what good it does for a musician and all it offers them then to embrace it. What artists do you relate to the most in today’s music world and why?

AARON: I have tons of respect for artists who do things exactly the way they want without compromise. Artists who stay the course and that expose their emotions and feelings regardless of acceptance or non acceptance. Be yourself and give of yourself at all times.

19.Yes for sure bro. Any last words or news for your fans?

AARON: To the fans and to my friends...thank you for every single bit of support big and small. It truly means the world and is never taken for granted. Because of you all I am living my dream.

Right on man.

AARON: Honored and humbled with graciousness in spades. Come see Red Beard Wall all over the southwest this summer and on the east coast in late September. You will not be disappointed.

That's great bro hope to catch you live one day soon.

AARON: I want to send a shout out and huge thank you to Rev. Jim Forrester. I love you brother.

Man for sure. The Rev. is such a great dude and so many people are happy to see him up and healing from his recent surgery. He's a great musician and awesome friend. I feel the same, always have appreciated Jim in so many ways. Big props your way from all of us Jim.

AARON: Lastly,much much appreciation to you Gideon for allowing me to do this with you. It is truly and completely an honor to be your friend. Thank you brother for everything. ALL HAIL!!

Aaron, thank you very much for all the high regards you send my way. Man it means the world. To you too brother. I truly appreciate the respect, enthusiasm and genuine appreciation you show me and I send you the same strong encouragement. I'm honored to be your friend too. You're welcome and please stay in touch with us and keep us updated on all your news. - G

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