Featured Guest is the section of my website where I interview various cool individuals from musicians to authors, film makers and more. Today we catch up with the great rock singer Alex Mitchell to get the low down on the latest news from the world of Circus of Power. Alex fills us in on the new album "Four" which is out now on Noize in the Attic records. Always awesome to hear from Alex, check out the new album and interview. - G
1.Hey Al good to talk to you man, its always cool to catch up with you. This last year has been really busy for you and the last time we talked you were working on a new Circus line up with some new band members. Now you have a new cd on the way and what has been going on since we talked?
ALEX: Well the cd will be released on December 8th, people are liking the lead track Fast And Easy and we're just waiting to see about playing live. Exciting to have new stuff out!
2.What inspired the songs on the new cd?
ALEX: 2. Lots of things- the state of the world, bikes cars and women, the wonder of being alive, nature, day to day life.
3.I dig the cover art, where did it come from and what inspired the piece?

ALEX: I love horses... I live on a friends ranch where there are horses roaming around freely and they're such amazing animals, love them. There are also burros and goats, also amazing. The cry that the burros make at sunrise is one of the greatest sounds ever. So yeah just on a horse kick. I think it also represents the spirit of the band, bucking up like that,and some kind of freedom.
4.How did you hook up with Brant Bjork? that's cool to see, cool musician and cool guy.
ALEX: Nick Olivieri introduced me to Brant and we became friends. A lot in common musically and culturally too. He played a big part in the record, he's very musical and gets it. Nick was going to be on it but we couldn't make it happen. Maybe next time.
5.Are you guys doing a lot of shows?
ALEX:No shows right now, letting the record get out there.
6.What were the recording sessions like?
ALEX: Sessions were magical. Everything clicked- which is a miracle considering we didn't rehearse once and there was no pre production....plus the record was made for 1500 bucks- recorded mixes and mastered!
7.Many people love Circus of Power and will be excited to hear you guys or see a new album out. How do you connect the themes and style first album on RCA to the latest one?
ALEX: The band is gonna sound like what I wanna do, so no matter who is in it the songs will have that direction and push- I either co write or write the songs. The people I write with think like me musically so it meshes.
8.Any new books or films you have seen you would recommend?
ALEX: I watch a lot of public tv documentaries. It's one of the ways you can see what awesome things people are doing around the world. They don't show good things on the evening local news just shootings car chases Taylor Swift etc.
9.Any new bands you'd want people to check out or are you spinning mostly classic older records lately?
ALEX: I like the new Liam Gallagher single a lot. 'For What Its Worth'. I also heard the Desert Rose band yesterday and dug it.
10.Are you living in California again I know for awhile you went back to Florida? Whats it like in LA these days?
ALEX: Like all cities LA is being ruined by the invisible hand of money. Homeless people everywhere, a lot of them vets. Shitty 'lofts' being built every where.
11.You must be really psyched man, any news for the fans?
ALEX: I am... but you're only as good as you're last cut if you're a carpenter...so I didn't really stop writing after we finished the record, I've written a bunch of new songs for the next album and started another book.
12.From your early years as the singer for Crucial Truth, Throbs etc, all the way through the years of Circus of Power what keeps inspiring you to pic up the mic?
ALEX: Desperation...
13.How did you hook up with this new label?
ALEX: Damon saw us play NYC last year and asked me if I wanted to make a record- he started Noise InThe Attic Records.
14.You did some shows with Junkyard. I saw them way back in the day with Black Crowes as the opening at at the 4808  in Charlotte. How did the shows with Junkyard go? Any other old friend you might be sharing the stage with?
ALEX: Junkyard are good friends and our gigs are fun together. No,waiting for GnR to take us under their wing...those would be great shows.
15.I know you are from Toronto originally, do you ever go back to Canada for music or visit?
ALEX: Haven't been back to Canada in awhile but it one great f*ckin' place.
16.Alex, great to talk to you and any last news or anything youd like to share today?
ALEX: Yeah check out 'Four' the C.O.P. Record!
Awesome man look forward to hearing it bro. Keep up the rock, G

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