Featured Guest is the section of my website where I interview musicians, artists, authors and various cool people I have crossed paths with from all walks of life. Today we had a good talk with world famous artist the notorious Brad Moore. Sharing with us some of his influences, life experiences, inspirations and we get an inside look into his creative process. Known for work with comics, album covers for countless metal bands, and more Brad is a creative force not to mention a down to earth, very cool guy. I've been meaning to catch up with Brad and its good to talk to him today. - G

1.Hey Brad howre you today? Good to talk to you. What have you been up to man?

BRAD: Hey Gideon, GREAT to hear from you!! I have been very busy with FILM work, believe it or not. I played a walk on role in DIG TWO GRAVES, with Ted (Silence of the Lambs) Levine, I am in the new version of PLAN 9 from Outer Space, which is available in your local Walmart, and I just wrapped up the stop motion and design effects for PLATYPOSSUM, a horror comedy, in which I also play a role.

Hey that’s great congrats bro, too cool.

BRAD: Metal wise, I JUST finished delivering the painted artwork for ARGUS' upcoming, 4th album; "From Fields of Fire", I did T-shirt designs for KROTCHRIPPER, and PLAGUEBEARER, and soon to start a c.d. cover painting for a grindcore band. Not to forget, I painted a cover for SERPENT WITCH, as well. This is all this past year.

2.Growing up did you see any classic concerts or love certain bands, albums that stand out and inspired you?

BRAD: Wow, WAAAYYYY too many to list!! Concert going is major preoccupation for me, so that list would never end!! But, my first two shows were KISS, and AEROSMITH, when I was a kid. My first death metal album was "Eyes of Horror", by POSSESSED. Loved the cover art, by Kent Mathieu, and wrote to him. Saw the original Sabbath, twice.

Man that's awesome bro.

3.Some people say HP Lovecraft and people like Giger dreamed their writings and artwork then woke up and created the work. Have you had any experiences like that?

BRAD: I get much of my inspiration, and imagery from dreams, I am a very active dreamer. I used to practice dream interpretation, and I still keep a big book by my bed, to record the ideas, and such, during the night.(although, I am usually up, during the night, so let's say; "during sleep")

Yeah okay.

BRAD: The Surrealists were very big into dreaming, and the subconscious, and when I began learning about them, I realized that I, too, was doing the same sort of investigation into the mind, without having been previously aware of there having been a movement that supported such research. My mind is still my favorite place to go!

Surrealism. Yeah right on. That's a insightful statement for any artist I'm sure.    

BRAD: There are certain places, and locations, that pop up in my dreams, very often, and I love to be there. It can be disappointing to wake up, and realize that I can't really inhabit those places, except in my mind.

4. I know you met Giger what was your experience like talking with him?

BRAD: In 2005, The Society For Art of the Imagination, the organization that manages my artistic affairs in Europe, informed me that H.R. Giger (rhymes with "eager"), was wanting to host a giant, Surrealist art show , at his castle in Switzerland. He was hoping to get artists from every country on the globe, to be present. I submitted 10 paintings, and one-by-one, they were eliminated, for various reasons, so I began to think that I wouldn't make the show. But, and this is how things always seem to go, I submitted a watercolor, rare for me me, as I am an oil, and acrylic painter, as my last entry, and that's the one he liked! Titled; "Dwellers in the Horoscope", this painting was very monochromatic, and I usually prefer a richly varied palette, but he latched onto that one, informed the Society, and I shipped it to Switzerland.

 The exhibit ran, in June of 2006, and I flew over to Europe for it. I was treated like a GOD there. It was one of the greatest weeks of my life!

Awesome bro.

The art on display there was beyond staggering, I wish a book of the show had been published.

Giger himself was a short, stocky man, dressed in black, and wearing  sandals. He was sometimes short tempered with people, but he was very relaxed and friendly with me. he invited about 10 of us up to his music loft, and played piano for us. On the piano was an unused, latex "ALIEN" skin, from the films. he and I discussed some of our mutual favorite painters, two of which were Ernst Fuchs, and Jean Poumeyrol. I advise people who are into WILD, sick vision to get into these guys!! Also, the work of Sybille Ruppert....it will tear your head off.

5.Who are some of the artists throughout history that have inspired you: Hieronymous Bosch, Franzetta, etc.?

BRAD: As I said before, the Surrealists are a big inspiration, and Surrealism, I think, remains the major art movement of this century, and the last. It never left, whereas , say, Cubism, is  completely dead. So, painters like Dorothea Tanning, Max Ernst, Dali, Leonora Carrington, and so on, really galvanise me to strive to reach my highest potential.  Also, I'm into Gustav Klimt, and all those Vienna artists, from the turn of the Century.

6.Very interesting influences man. Are you a big comic book fan?

 BRAD: I started my career as a comic book artist! So, yes, comic books were, and to some extent still are, a big jolt in my being an artist.  I started in the "gore' era of underground/alternative comics, or, COMIX, as they are known. Guys like me, R.K Sloane, Jeff Gaither, Roy Tompkins, Vince Locke, Tim Vigil, all of us began there. I used to help ink FAUST and RAZOR, I colored Tim Vigil's cover to RAZOR #4, and I did covers and interior strips for Cadaver, Necrotica, Jeffrey Dahmer, Blood Reign, and I did my own book; BATHORY, COUNTESS OF BLOOD, with Boneyard Press. I drew for seven comicbook companies in all, I believe.

7.What are some of your favorite films?

BRAD: FILMS!!!! I am a huge film fanatic! The stuff I am into is the OUT THERE cinema, mostly the European directors who have a hand in all aspects of the film, from the camera work and editing, to the music. My fave directors are Alejandro Jodorowsky, Ken Russell, Dusan Makavejev, Juraz Jakubisco, Wojciech Has, and more. My top film list is too long, but: The Holy Mountain, On the Silver Globe, Sweet Movie, I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse, Fantastic Planet,  Chronopolis, Zardoz, The Final Programme, El Topo, and look for any of the films by Piotr Kamler, and Jan Svankmajer.

8.Are there any artists whose work you follow these days that inspire you as well?

BRAD: Artists that turn me on today would include Starowieyski, Beksinski, Szukalski,  Ernst Fuchs, and all of my fellow Death/Doom/Stoner/ illustrators. Although, in reality, we compete for jobs, it is a small community of highly creative, deeply inspiring people, who are driven to create, and to get that creation out to a public.

9. You have worked with so many projects, over the years which ones really stand out as your favorite pieces?

 BRAD: I am very pleased with most of the artwork I have done for the music industry, there are only a few pieces that I am not as happy with, or that the reproduction wasn't up to par. My list of faves would include SIXTY WATT SHAMAN, "Seed of Decades', THE ULTRA ELECTRIC MEGA GALACTIC, "Through the Dark Matter", all 4 covers I painted for ARGUS; the Self Titled debut, "Boldly Stride The Doomed", Beyond The Martyrs', and the upcoming one, "From Fields of Fire", DIVINE EMPIRE, "Doomed to Inherit", ZAIUS, "Harvest Moon Overdrive", ZUUL, "To the Front Lines", MORPHEUS DESCENDS, "Ritual of Infinity", ORGANIC INFEST, "Penitence", and there are a lot more, but those best represent what I feel is my real work.

10. Do you feel your art is a release of emotion or do you create for fun and out of excitement? Some people think art is a healthy release of dark emotions, things like that. Do you relate to that or just have fun and enjoy it without the catharsis?

BRAD: Art is the Promethean centerpiece of my entire existence. I live it, down to the molecule! It's what I do on this Earth. It IS an emotional catharsis, and a vehicle to mold the impressions that sift through my central nervous system and come out the other end as creation. I knew, even as a small child, that I would be an artist, there was nothing else, it's the only thing that I think I do right!

11. It's hard for creative people to fit in the world often times, and thats well said I'm sure for many that being creative is the only thing they feel truly right about. When you create your work, do you listen to music or work in silence?  I have had certain artists all tell me a different take on that. If you listen to music what would you often choose?

BRAD: I always have music, or weird films playing, to create the proper atmosphere. And, let's use the word 'atmosphere', as I feel that is the KEY element to convey, in a work of art, for a music recording, or otherwise. Atmosphere is the essential product of the visual art, not the techniques involved, although technique is very important. I stress strong mental prowess, focus, and technical ability to navigate in these arcane realms of advanced artistry. Get the correct atmosphere rolling, and it will nurture these images to boil forth, if you have the skills to give life to them.

12. Are there certain times of day you find your creativity to flow the strongest? I know many creative people are flowing best between midnight and three or four a.m. Some people like to work on long sunny days alone.

BRAD: I work at night, so the windows in my chaotic workspace are blacked out, so I can sleep in the day.

13. Alot of artists say that. What about location, do you have a certain workspace or lair you dive into your art?

BRAD: I collect old, baroque looking furniture, wall hangings, I even have an Egyptian book case, all to maintain that sense of atmosphere I was talking about. My studio is the center of the universe for me. I have pieces of stone from the Black Sea, and Vlad the Impaler's castle(gifts from my lady, Sandy Wright),  a "Lovecraft" cabinet(you'd have to see it), and yet, despite all of this, I'm not into drugs, or the occult. I want nothing interrupting the pure flow, when I'm in the zone, and, unlike many that I talk to, I can get there without chemical stimuli.

14. Right on. What projects have you been up to lately that you would like to share?

BRAD: As previously mentioned, I just finished cover paintings for ARGUS, and SERPENT WITCH, and a bunch of T-shirt drawings, just came off of the set of PLATYPOSSUM, the MOVIE, and am about to start my next projects. What I would like to do, is to encourage bands, and labels, to stop regurgitating old images so much, and HIRE more illustrators to create more original images for bands, and merch. And BANDS, when you contact an artist, don't wait until there's only a week left, and expect the illustrator to recreate the Sistine Chapel, give the artwork the same amount of time you take to write and record, you'll LOVE the results so much more, I promise.

15. Very true man. Quality and detail take time and attention. Any last words for young artists out there or your fans?

BRAD:Finally, to all those artists wanting to do this, here's what I say; don't look at art as only, and strictly, a way of working to make a living, but making a way of working, living life.

Excellent. Brad thanks for taking the time to talk and stay in touch man. Look forward to your future projects and congrats on your recent news. - G

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