"30 Weight" Small Stone Recordings

The new album "30 Weight" is out now on Small Stone Recordings. This album features eleven new songs like "Black Fire", "Shining Star", "Ride With Me" and more. Massive production courtesy of Eric Hoegemyer and the crew at Rustbelt Studios in Royal Oak, MI. Guitarist Phil Durr returns to Dixie Damned and the album also features guest appearances by Sue Lott (Luder) and the multi talented Eric.  The stunning cover artwork is by Alex Von Wieding. Blending Gideon's style of southern rock, gothic rock, outlaw country and psychedelia, "30 Weight" is a classic. This album includes the song "Ride With Me" which was featured on an episode of the hit A&E series Dog The Bounty Hunter. 

"South Side Of The Moon" CD Small Stone Recordings

The "South Side Of The Moon" album is available now on Small Stone Records. This cd has songs featured on "Sons of Anarchy", "Dog The Bounty Hunter", "Nitro Circus", "Dudesons in America" and more. Main songs "Indian Larry", "Blacklight Wizard Poster", "Lay Me Down In Ecstasy", "Way Of The Outlaw", "Black Cat Road" and others.

"Southern Gentlemen" CD Small Stone Recordings

The "Southern Gentlemen" cd is available on Small Stone Records. This album features songs heard on the hit series "The Sopranos", "Rush Hour" "Thrillbillies 2" dvd and more. Main songs "Draggin' The River", "She Is Venus", "Whiskey Devil", "Wish You Were Mine", "Outerspace Girl", "Ghost Rider" and others.

"Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned" Self Titled EP

This 1998 ep was the debut release by Gideon Smith. Four tracks of psychedelic explosive rock n' roll. Originally distributed by Game Two Records, the cd is now out of print. Look for a possible re-release of the disc or a download offer here sometime in the future.



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Cemetery Crows

C.Crows Gideon's side project doom metal, sludge, gothic blues band. You can check out a few songs from the early demo on the reverbnation page. Doom On.