• Gideon Smith artwork by Siedge 1
  • Portrait Art by S.Seagle
  • Gideon Smith artwork by Coven Illustration
  • Cemetery Crows Art by Siedge
  • Portrait Art by Juliana
  • Gideon Smith artwork by Jeff Gaither
  • Artwork by Mark Riddick 1
  • CEMETERY CROWS logo by Mark Riddick
  • Gideon Smith artwork by Rafael Tavares
  • Artwork by Mark Riddick 2
  • Artwork by Siedge
  • Gideon Artwork by Siedge

Small Stone Recordings


GS Tribute Album



Cemetery Crows

C.Crows Gideon's side project doom metal, sludge, gothic blues band. You can check out a few songs from the early demo on the reverbnation page. Doom On.