F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Gideon still perform live or plan to tour anytime soon?

“Due to an uphill struggle with autoimmune disease which has mainly manifested in arthritis, I have not been able to play live as often as I would have preferred in many years.  I occasionally step onstage and hope to return to performing in the future but for now I will continue to record new material when I can.  Arthritis and such debilitating health conditions can be silent, insidious diseases that come with heavy fatigue and joint/muscle pain and do not lend themselves to the life of a touring musician. I am older now and having played music since before some of you reading this were born, I play music on my terms the way I always did and will record and perform live when and where I can from my heart to the best of my ability. To anyone who struggles with autoimmune disease in whatever variation, I wish you well with your journey to wellness and healing.  Autoimmune disease is very complicated but is basically when your immune system is over active to an extreme level and begins to mistakenly attack healthy cells in the body.  It is not deficient, but rather over active and can cause rare strains of sickness which can be difficult to treat, mostly unable to cure, and are unpredictable. They are not contagious but rather a genetic issue. I have been fighting it for I believe over a solid decade now.  Being very pro active in dealing with my disease, I exercise, have returned to practicing yoga, embrace my asian studies, clean living and lean heavily on my personal spirituality. I am vigilant in seeking wellness in my health challenges. I would like to send a deep thank you to anyone among my support network, you know who you are. Although I do not perform shows or release music as much as some of you want me to and believe me as much as I would truly love to do so, I will continue to make music and hope to return to the stage when the Gods deem it is time. I know many people often ask when and if I will do a tour of the USA or Europe. But for now this is my situation and I will not be touring anytime soon. I have fought the battle for so many years to keep my music alive amidst many personal challenges, and alive it is and will stay. One day I hope to tour the world. Until then thank you for your support and all the great respect and love you send my way. Music from the soul knows no limits.- G”


Do these side projects mean Gideon is no longer playing the same music or has changed his style?

“Absolutely not. That is why they are called side projects. These are creative musical projects that I am doing for fun and to create as much music as possible. I love all kinds of music from death metal to rap, reggae to classical, blues to psychedelic space rock. Like the ultimate music fan that listens to all kinds of records I approach it the same way as a musician. I listen to whatever makes me happy and play whatever makes me happy. An artist has a responsibility to be true to their heart and creativity. I think it’s a luxury to play whatever comes out and you need to express. Any side project I do or variation of my music in any way are just different colors and experiences captured like different photographs of the moment.  I plan on continuing any and all music as inspired or allows, so please enjoy and play loud. Who would turn down getting to play or sing anything cool from metal to reggae?  It’s all soul power. Unlike many artists who do not have the same freedom I feel fortunate that the fans of what I do know that I do not limit my music and are open to enjoying all of it. In this period of my life I just proceed further into creating a wider sonic picture. - G”

 Where can I get a t-shirt or any merchandise?

"We have not had any shirts in many years and will probably not make any anytime soon. Sometimes we have a handful of free  stickers we give out, so if you'd like a sticker get in touch."

Where can I get Gideon's books?

"The book from 2006-7 is out of print and will not be reprinted. The second book "Footsteps of the Ghost Tiger" has yet to be printed but we will keep you updated on any news. Thank you to everyone who supports my writing. We will publish pieces of the book, personal writing, etc at times here on the website. See 'Writings" section in the menu.- G"

Does Gideon use social media?

"I do not use any social media for my music or on a personal basis, it's not my style. You can keep up with me here for news about my music, writing and more. I have a blog now called 'Hangin' With Gideon' located on the menu above. If you'd like to contact me, you can reach out via the contact form and it will be forwarded my way. I respond to pretty much everybody who approaches me with respect and kindness whenever I can. Cya around, G." 

Is there a new GSDD hard rock album on the way?

"I am writing new material, but for now there is no immediate news. We'll keep everyone updated and I look forward to laying down a fourth full length of bluesy psychedelic rock when the time is right, G."