Today we spoke with none other than the great Gary Isom, a legendary dude in doom metal. Gary is a mighty drummer, guitarist and all around musician. Many know Gary from his work in bands like Spirit Caravan and Pentagram, Iron Man, Unorthodox, Wretched, King Valley, and now with the group Weed is Weed. Gary is a great dude and has always has been very cool to me. I've always enjoyed conversing with him about music and life. A stand up dude with a true love for music and especially in the world of metal. Really awesome to talk to him today and run down some quick questions on rock and roll, music and keeping the gift alive for the world.

(Photo by Tom Couture,2010)


AL Yeti Bones of Gypsy Chief Goliath


Today we talked to the main man Al “Yeti Bones” from the group Gypsy Chief Goliath. Al is well known in music scenes in Canada and the USA and a guy I’m proud to call a friend. Everybody that knows Al has a lot of respect for him. He’s a highly regarded man in underground rock.  Al and I talked about his history, music and more.

(Photo of Al with Gypsy Chief Goliath by Gene Schilling)





Shawn Brown from 7 Seasons Deep


Shawn Anthony Brown is the vocalist for Madison WI based group 7 Seasons Deep. He is an old friend of mine and joined us today to talk about his new band, his studies in martial arts, singing in the group Last Crack and offer some words on life.



Tom Cohen & Mike Kelleher on Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

Today Tom Cohen, North Carolina acupuncturist, martial arts instructor and more is joined by music composer and martial artist Mike Kelleher talk discuss the the japanese art of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu.