Hangin' With Gideon


Visiting Insight Wellness and Mint Hill Kung Fu

Earlier this year when dealing with some foot and knee pain I stopped by Insight Wellness in Charlotte,NC  to visit old friend Tom Cohen. Tom gave me an acupuncture treatment and I truly appreciated his time and opinion that day. Excellent knowledge and caring treatment. I was very impressed and pleased with Tom's abilities and knowledge, background and professionalism. The atmosphere of the room where I received my acupuncture treatment was really comfortable. I benefited very much from the treatment and would definitely seek his assistance again. Thank you to Insight Wellness for an excellent session. 

I have also visited Tom where he teaches at Mint Hill Kung Fu on several occasions, not as a student but as a guest to watch his Daito-ryu Class along with my friend Mike Kelleher.I found Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu to be a fascinating art and enjoyed learning more about it.  I am honored to have been a guest at their dojo.

Tom and Mike will join in on my 'Featured Guest' column and talk about the art.

Thanks guys for having me down. Keep up the good fight, G

 (Photos copyright Smith 2015)