Anyone that is a lifelong music fanatic discovers certain artists that do more than merely provide some moments of entertainment for them throughout the years. You occasionally locate and identify the rarest ones that propel you into a seemingly transcendental state where your mind is opened to an elevated consciousness and you just know you should garner and gleam from them all that you can, while you can. I intended to do exactly that when I inquired of Gideon Smith if he would be a willing participant in an interview and he graciously conceded. For those of you already familiar with Gideon then you know he is a multi-faceted artist in every sense of the word and one that is able to articulate and share mind-expanding ideas..not to mention he has made kick-ass music in the highly regarded Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned as well as his newest project, the Doom-driven Cemetery Crows.

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Cemetery Crows

C.Crows Gideon's side project doom metal, sludge, gothic blues band. You can check out a few songs from the early demo on the reverbnation page. Doom On.