Still believing in the power of pen and paper, here sometimes I will post pieces of my writing. Read, absorb, dig it baby. - G



“What makes a man?

Honor he holds like an anchor 

Dignity he walks inside making the world his own

Strength he learns to use when necessary In any situation or variation.

Loyalty he gives and returns where it is built by

speech and action.

Truth from his Spirit

Compassion from his heart,

Learning and Wisdom walk hand in hand.

Conviction in his beliefs and the Courage

to seize his dreams.

And eye to see an eye that kindness is not weakness

A soul like a diamond white ocean.

Who gives love like a silver river of moonlight and starshine.

Whose passion makes small the heat of the sun.

A man treasures his family

and is an unwavering friend to the worthy.

Who long ago left the illusions of fear powerless

and beckons to others from the side of his own victory to be brave.

Who knows in the end, it is his name that is holy on the wind

and must be carved into the world with an artistic yet brutal hand.

Who knows when to stand alone even if it confuses others.

A man is not afraid to love or fight for what he believes in

or to hold the hand of a woman he loves if she needs him in good or bad ‘til the end of time.

A man will have no qualms walking his own path,  leaving footprints and signs for those who may gain from the roads he blazes through the mist.

What is a man? A battered heart, a burning mountain of ice, a supernova soul.

A living one man mission wrapped up in his body and that sings in his blood.

Powered  by dreams that keep him alive. “

Gideon Smith  3-18-15  (Copyright 2015)