Featured Guest is the section of my website where I interview various cool individuals from all walks of life
musicians, actors, film makes, authors and more. Tonight we catch up with long standing Florida based musician
guitarist Dave Vanier from the group Hellfrost. Dave and I talk a little about his news and history, thoughts on the scene today. Always cool to hear from a guy like Dave, check out the interview on Halloween night.
1.Hey Dave how have you been and what's been going on with the band?
Things are going well with the band. We recently starting working with our new guitarist.
We are really going in depth to make sure that we are tight as a band. We're practicing about three
times a week and we're putting in the extra effort to write new material.
2.Are you guys playing any live gigs or shows lately?
Definitely, We have a few Florida dates booked and we have big plans in the works. We're making sure that we meet the tastes of all our fans. Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram to see our show schedules.
3.Tell us a little about your background, where are you from and how did you end up forming the group?
I'm native of Florida and I simply got tired of trying to join other bands. After a few years of that
I just decided to get my own gig. I placed a few adds on craigslist and that's how it all began.
I've auditioned over 50 musicians for lead guitar and bass and only a select few have made the cut.
Our first guitarist Mitch Keith who played on "Prixus" and on two tracks of "Pagan Son" was a real rhythm machine. Working with him in the early stages of the band really gave us a solid foundation to work on. He also laid down some great leads. If you listen to "Torrents of Bellial" you can hear a great example. His work in this band definitely helped move us into our signature sound.
4.Great dude look forward to checking it out. I know you guys have been pretty active in your scene, whats the music scene like there today?
We actually just got of a hiatus. We haven't played any shows in over a year. Having a new guitarist in the band will give us almost a fresh start in the Florida metal scene. Overall I feel that Florida has a very strong metal scene. There are always great concerts going on and there are a lot of very talented and creative bands out there. 
5.Yeah okay hope you have some good shows coming up. What advice would you give a young artist starting out today?
Don't do it. But if you decide to do it, be patient. I see a lot of young kids hopping from one project to the next. 
It takes time to build your name. You're not going to be an over night sensation.
6.For sure man it can take time to build your name and following. What are some of your favorite concerts or albums you grew up listening to?
My favorite concert in recent history was Animals as Leaders. Those guys are nothing short of amazing. Seeing Tosin Abasi play made me re think my playing.
7.Right on. Any last words for your fans or news?
Listen to the first ever full length album from Hellfrost and Stay metal \m/
Thanks Dave good to hear from you, keep up the metal. - G

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