Featured Guest is a section of my website where I interview actors, musicians, artists and all kinds of various cool people I have crossed paths with over the years. Tonight we speak with the great blues musician and all around awesome lady, the super talented Mary Everhart. Mary and I talked about her music and history. She is a proud member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama-Deer Clan, was nominated and inducted in 2010 by Jimmy Lloyd Rea into the Blues Hall of Fame as Great Blues Artist from Tallahassee, Florida. Later she was inducted again into the Blues Hall of Fame as the Ambassador to Tallahassee, Florida. It’s a pleasure to speak with her today, a stand out in independent music and excellent singer and songwriter in today’s music world.

(Photo by Morgan)

Featured Guest is the section of my website where I interview musicians, artists, actors and many cool people I have crossed paths with. Tonight we had the opportunity to interview two very cool people, Sabine Stangenberg and Joey DeMartini. Hailing from Portland, Sabine and Joey formed the group Disenchanter in 2011 with Sabine on Vocals/Guitar, Joey on bass and later adding Jay Erbe on drums. Heavy rock and roll with doom riffage, Disenchanter has been described as ‘Ray Bradbury on Black Sabbath’. How cool is that? Tonight we discuss their history, music, love of sci fi artwork, films, recent news and more.

Featured Guest is the area of my website where I interview various cool people I have crossed paths with over the years from artists to musician, actors, authors and more. Tonight I had a great talk with my old friend Gail Ice, who is an aspiring film maker . Gail and I spoke a great deal about films, history, his ideas and a little about music and life. It’s always great to catch up with a friend and talk about old times and interesting subjects, Gail and I go way back. From his days decades ago as a full on DIY punk rocker where his sincerity, genuine enthusiasm and scene credibility run deeper than many, Gail never has to even mention it to be respected or appreciated.  Mr.Ice hung up his flying V for a camera with a vision to become an indie film maker but don’t be surprised if he returns to music one day too. From his recent meeting of George Romero to our mutual Ultraman appreciation, Gail and I rapped about many topics in this great interview. – G




(Johnny Cash and John Carter Cash, June 21, 2003. Photo copyright Coston)

Featured Guest is the area of my website where I interview various cool people I have crossed paths with over the years from artists to musicians, actors, authors and more. Tonight I caught up with world class ace photographer and author Daniel Coston my old friend. Daniel is a very cool, down to earth incredible photographer who has worked with such artists as Johnny Cash, Son Volt, Wilco, Big Star, Roky Erickson, Guided by Voices and countless great musicians. His photos have been featured in People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Us Weekly, TV Guide, Rolling Stone, FX, CMT, VH1 (TV networks), Mix, Spin, CMJ, Billboard, Blender, Maxim, Revolver, Playboy, Alt. Press, Stance, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar World, Guitar Player, Harp, Mojo, Q, Uncut (UK), Vanity Fair and others. Daniel is also the author of several books and working on new projects coming up. Always a gift to catch up with a super talented and kind friend, it's great to speak with Daniel and hear a little about his history and news. Big respect and appreciation to Daniel for the photography he brings the world as he captures scenes of music of many great artists and individuals across the world. - G


Featured Guest is where I interview cool people I have crossed paths with from artists, musicians, actors and more. Guitar supermaster Tim Murray sat down with us to discuss some of his favorite classic rock band shows. It was really interesting to see his collection of tickets of concerts from the 1960’s onward (Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Allman Brothers, etc.) and listen to his memories of favorite shows. Tim is my dear old friend and has rocked guitar in my band at live shows and studio sessions. He is the owner of The Guitar Workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you are looking for a guitar instructor look no further, Tim and company are the best you could ask for.  Tim just lives for music, and never ceases to amaze me with his playing and ethereal understanding of the craft. The Way Back machine begins as he took us back to March 3, 1968 with none other than the late, great James Marshall Hendrix.

Featured Guest is where I interview cool people I have crossed paths with over the years from artists, to actors, musicians and more. Today we had the rare and ultra cool opportunity to speak with the infamous artist Mark Riddick. There is no one like the great Riddick in heavy metal artwork. From his early days illustrating cassette covers and flyers all the way back to 1991, having his artwork featured on televisions programs, art exhibitions all over the planet, his books and more his work is instantly recognized and revered by metal fans in the entire underground. I've known Mark for many years and have the honor of his artistic work for GSDD and recently for my doom band Cemetery Crows. Who better to interview on Halloween and Samhain...Enjoy a look behind the scenes of the mighty illustrations of the main man in underground metal art. - G

 (Photo by Albie Mitchell)

Tonight we had the pleasure of doing an interview with film director, producer and musician the great Drew Stone. His work includes music videos, commercials, documentary films, television and more . Out of NY (born in Queens and raised in the Bronx), he studied acting at Emerson College also becoming involved in the Boston Hardcore scene becoming the lead singer of The Mighty O.C.’s. In 1983 he returned to NYC and formed The High & Mighty, a year later joined the acclaimed group ANTIDOTE. In 1992 Drew formed Stone Films NYC and produced music videos for artists including Onyx, Type O Negative, Biohazard, King’s X and Insane Clown Posse. He also produced/directed videos with his brother Evan for Vanilla Ice, Stuck Mojo and Channel Zero, later directing videos for Agnostic  Front, Sick of It All, Fury of Five and Madball. He is the four time winner of the X-Tremmy award with his extreme sports film series entitled Urban Street Bike Warriors and the director of MTV’s True Life Episode “I Live to Ride”. His documentary “All Ages: The Boston Hardcore Film” debuted at the Independent Film Festival of Boston in 2012. He is now working on a new project “The New York Hardcore Chronicles” film. We caught up with Drew to discuss his history, new projects and more. Thank you to Drew for the awesome interview. – G


Featured Guest is the section of my website where I interview various individuals I have crossed paths with over the years. Artists, musicians, actors or you name it, it's always awesome to speak with so many interesting people about topics all over the board. This time around we had none other than the notorious Jim Forrester. Jim is known for laying down the bass with the groups Foghound and Serpents of Secrecy, and livin' large in the underground music world. Today we catch up on his music and life news, but also talk about many cool things. Right on.  - G

Featured guest is where I interview many people I have crossed paths with from musicians to artists, actors and more. This time we spoke with one of the coolest individuals in the metal underground: Singer and drummer Kat from the groups Winds of Genocide and Uncoffined.  Kat Shevil has always shown me a great amount of support, enthusiasm and respect and I send it back her way too.  A real pleasure to speak with her today. Kat is a one woman army of metal mayhem with a great passion for underground metal in all styles. We talked a lot about music and more, really cool to connect with her today. – G 

(Photo courtesy of Ann's Photography, 2015)

Today we are joined by my friend of many years, the mighty Shakti Subramanian. His journey from a hard working NYC Rock and Roll photographer to Hindu Satguru is a unique and inspiring tale. One of the best friends I have ever had the privilege to have in my life, Shakti is a wise good friend to many. I have always considered him to be the one true expert on his faith Hinduism that I know personally. Despite being a heavy spiritual cat, he’s not above having a good laugh or discussing the virtues of rock bands, actions movies or 70’s culture. Wise is a term often tossed around when someone says a simple philosophical line, but Shakti is someone who I feel embodies wisdom. I know he touches the lives of many with his teaching, spiritual work and friendship in a positive way. Truly a man who makes a difference in the jungle of the world. Today we sat down and discussed everything from his days as a rock photographer in NYC to his thoughts on Hinduism, Buddhism and more.

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