"Way of the Outlaw Spirit" book 2007

The book "Way of the outlaw spirit" is now out of print. Published in 2007, the book was a collection of thoughts, stories and reflections on life by Gideon Smith. Ranging from the importance of positive thinking, studies of the martial arts, spirituality, the esoteric, life in a rock ‘n roll band and more. The book was simply a collection of various writings from the time. We will print some excerpts from the book for anyone who didn't get a chance to read it. As for future editions, Gideon says it will not be reprinted but that perhaps other books or an audio book will follow. Used copies fetched prices up to $2,475.00 in the last year, but Gid does not encourage anyone to seek out high priced used copies. Instead he encourages those interested to wait for possible future writing. There is a chapter posted now and a review from Amps 11 Magazine. Thank you to everyone who bought the book and took the time to send their personal stories.