Hangin' With Gideon



(Photos copyright 2015)

Cemetery Crows is my doom metal band side project. It’s a four song ep of Black Sabbath worship mixed with old school death metal vocals. People have compared it to Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Saint Vitus, Hellhammer and others. I was going for a traditional doom sound but with death metal vocals. The vocals are death metal with long growls, whispers buried in the mix to create atmosphere. I also brought in some crust, skate core, black metal or other influences subconsciously, so we had a lot of fun with this crushing style, yet psychedelic style.

I wanted to focus not so much on vocal based song writing for this recording but massive crushing riffage, pummeling bass and drums. Big thanks to guest drummer, my friend Saul who really nailed the drums on this recording.


After it was mastered recently it is hitting speaker shaking heaviness. Play loud and enjoy.

You can check out two songs on the Reverbnation page. www.reverbnation.com/cemeterycrows

Cemetery Crows recently hit #1 on the Metal Charts for Charlotte, NC. Thank you very much to everyone who supports what I do. Keep your heart alive and your spirit free, G 9-28-15